Loyalist Leadership – Now You See It. Now You Don’t

This morning on today’s Nolan show the PUP’s ex-leader Dr John Kyle did something remarkable which no other influencing figure within loyalism has been prepared to do this far.

That of course, was to show some leadership in the interest of the greater good.

In relation to the large protest this Saturday Dr Kyle said; ‘my personal view is that I would advise them not to do it on a Saturday.’ His reasoning for this was then that ‘Saturday is a very important trading day for business and that we do not want to discourage people from going.’

Sadly it seems that after Dr John Kyle came off the Nolan show he realized that what he said was much too sensible and hence took to Twitter to seemingly withdraw his comments, resulting in the same old situation of leaving loyalism with a leadership deficit.

This is actually very sad to see from Dr John Kyle who is a smart man. Dr Kyle is turning the issue away from one about responsibility and into one about rights. I do not know of a single person who has said that the protesters should have the right to protest taken away from them. Of course they shouldn’t.

This is about responsibility. As Dr Kyle clearly recognized in his interview with Nolan that the large protest will potentially put people off coming into the city center to shop at a pivotal time for the traders of Belfast.

All I would ask is, Dr Kyle… Can we have the loyalist leadership back please?


2 thoughts on “Loyalist Leadership – Now You See It. Now You Don’t

  1. It’s such a dramatic turnaround. You put it well: its about responsibility. It sounds as though he was rather weak and caved in to pressure with these tweets.

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