Gerry Kelly is not in the right and here’s why

Earlier today the Newsletter posted on Twitter the footage of Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly who was carried a short distance whilst clinging onto the bonnet of a PSNI land rover.

I – as I’m sure you were too – was initially shocked at the footage. The riotous shouting, coupled with a sense of confusion made for what does initially seem shocking behaviour by the PSNI.

However, lets deal in facts here.

Gerry Kelly was initially unhappy at the fact that a PSNI officer which he requested to pull over and explain why a young boy had been arrested did not do so. Therefore as a result of this, Gerry Kelly subsequently decided that he would obstruct a following Land Rover. Now, you cannot, no matter whom you may be, obstruct the PSNI. If you have a problem with the reasoning for an action by the PSNI there are mechanisms in place to deal with these issues.

Although I disagree with how the driver of the vehicle of the Land Rover which had Gerry Kelly on the bonnet acted, Gerry Kelly knew fine rightly the dangers he was putting himself in by standing in front of a moving vehicle and I doubt as to how much he believed that this would obtain the answers to which he was looking for.

Gerry Kelly is a smart man whether you like it or not and in the footage after the main incident Gerry Kelly demanded to speak to the PSNI officer whom was in charge. Now if Gerry Kelly had really wanted to find out more about why a young man had been arrested he should have known better than to block the passage of a PSNI vehicle and he should of done what he did after the incident and sought out the officer in charge who could have investigated Mr Kelly’s requests further.


6 thoughts on “Gerry Kelly is not in the right and here’s why

  1. And images like these encourage nationalists to support the police in NI do they? No police officer worth his salt would drive a landrover at an elected representitive. Images like this and the British army marching triumphantly through Belfast on their return from Afghanistan undermine nationalist faith in the peace process and only encourage the dissidents.

    1. I understand where you’re coming from, but, Gerry Kelly should of known better. If he had of wanted to find out about why a young lad was arrested he should not of taken such highly dramatic actions and instead he should of sought out the officer in charge?

      Also it’s actions of nationalists saying things such as “PSNI still RUC when they get the chance” which really doesn’t improve relations.

      1. Sorry Eoghain, I should reiterate again that I agree with you what that PSNI officer did by driving Gerry Kelly on top of his bonnet was completely. But ultimately, no ,after who you are, you can’t obstruct the police.

  2. Good blog, it’s interesting to hear what young people are thinking in terms of politics, especially those who are not the usual polarised types who shout at each other on Nolan! I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the NI21TB event.

    1. Thank you, Harry. In relation to the NI21TB event I could post a write-up on this within the next few days for you. Unfortunately however I was unable to make day two of the event all thanks to catching a pesky flu.

      1. Well certainly it would be interesting to know where you see NI21 fitting in and who you see them attracting.

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