News Letter article on flags protests

Priorities – a word that I feel needs to be surfaced in light of the recent rioting in east Belfast.

As an 18 year old I feel that Stormont is failing me.

Ironically, our politics is so caught up in ‘dealing’ with sectarian affairs that real issues such as, securing investment in Northern Ireland and hence creating jobs are being neglected. I know you may be thinking, but where is the irony in that?

Well the irony is this. I tend to ask myself if our politicians actually care about dealing with sectarian issues. After all, it’s the sectarian division that keeps them in a job. Whilst our politicians are failing to tackle the backlash they are inadvertently failing to tackle the real issues that I along with the majority of the country want to see dealt with.

It’s about time most of our politicians were replaced with a younger generation that instead of trying to demolish the culture of ‘them and us’ actually embraced the variety of culture within our society.


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